Jim Press

Senior Advisor, Work Truck Solutions

During his 50 years in the automotive industry, Jim Press has served in several top executive roles for automotive manufacturers and dealer groups. As COO of Toyota North America, he was the first non-Japanese board member in Toyota’s history. Jim left Toyota in 2007 to join Chrysler as Co-President and Vice-Chair, where he was tasked with revamping Chrysler’s products, perceptions, and dealer bodies when Daimler sold the company to Chrysler LLC. Starting in June of 2009 he served as Deputy CEO of Chrysler, working directly with Sergio Marchionne during Chrysler’s transition to Fiat. Since then, Jim has provided guidance for a number of dealership groups, such as the McLarty and RLJ Groups, and served as advisor for The Renault-Nissan Alliance, and currently is Senior Advisor to Hyundai Motor North America.

When Jim was introduced to Work Truck Solutions’ in early 2020 he was intrigued by their goal of helping dealers successfully leverage commercial vehicle sales. Since then he has reviewed Work Truck Solutions’ end-to-end bundle of services and realized that finally, someone has made commercial vehicle sales a viable option for all dealers, Jim is now onboard as Work Truck Solutions’ Senior Advisor, to help the entire automotive industry take advantage of this transformative opportunity.