Chris Walsh

President of Reynolds and Reynolds

Chris Walsh is the President of Reynolds and Reynolds, placing him at the forefront of the company’s efforts to ensure the success of our dealer partners everywhere.

Throughout his career, and especially during his time as a Reynolds leader, he has demonstrated a unique ability for spotting exactly where internal tools could be implemented to improve productivity and performance. He understands the challenges and the opportunities facing automotive retailing and our customers across all of our businesses. That insight has also made him an expert in identifying which external solutions can deliver those same benefits for our customers and partners. 

Currently, as company president and a member of the executive committee, Chris has direct responsibility for all day-to-day functions at Reynolds, both customer and-facing and internal, and is focused squarely on the growth of the company. He previously served as executive vice president of sales and marketing. 

Chris has been with Reynolds and Reynolds for 35 years, holding various leadership roles in business development, operations, quality control, sales, marketing, and support. He began his career on the service side of the business before quickly moving into sales and becoming regional sales director. Following that, Chris was promoted to vice president of the Business Development Center and, a few years later, to the oversight of the sales specialists’ organization.

When Naked Lime Marketing was formed in 2011, Chris was promoted to vice president of sales, and, after a period of great success and development with the new company, vice president and general manager of Naked Lime. He was promoted to senior vice president of the Reynolds Document Services and Naked Lime in 2020 and executive vice president of sales and marketing in 2021. He was named president of Reynolds by Chairman and CEO Tommy Barras in 2022. 

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance from Ohio University.