December 4th & 5th, 2024 Scottsdale, AZ

Recent Podcasts

Navigating the Boom: The Rise of Dealership Mergers & Acquisitions in 2024

In this detailed episode of AUTOVATE Podcast, we dive deep into the accelerating trend of dealership mergers and acquisitions shaping the automotive industry in 2024. Join our experts, Cliff Banks and James Taylor, as they discuss key drivers, the impact on dealers, and future industry forecasts.

40 Under 40 Honorees Discuss AI, CDXP, EVs & the Future of Auto Retail

Tune into this special episode where our esteemed guests and ’40 Under 40′ honorees, delve into the evolving world of automotive retail. Celebrating their achievements, this AUTOVATE Podcast special offers unparalleled insights into the industry’s future.

AUTOVATE 2023 W/Featured Speaker, Daymond John, Founder/CEO of FUBU and Star of ABC’s Shark Tank

The deal-making conference of the year returns to Scottsdale, AZ with featured speaker, Daymond John, Founder/CEO of FUBU and star of ABC’s Shark Tank.

Electric Vehicle Insights and the Future of Dealerships | The Mobility Tech Talk W/ Glenn Mercer

Join us in the latest episode of the Autovate Podcast where we dive into the latest episode of the AUTOVATE Podcast, where we uncover the evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EV) through candid conversations with Glenn Mercer, and explore the implications of dealership consolidation in the automotive industry.

UAW & Unifor Negotiations | Canadian vs USA Auto Markets | CRM & DMS Data Issues W Guest Neil Hiscox.

Join us in the latest episode of the Autovate Podcast where we have the privilege of hosting Neil Hiscox from Canadian Auto Dealer. Dive into the intricate world of the auto industry as Neil and Cliff discuss the recent UAW (United Auto Workers) and Unifor negotiations, shedding light on their implications for both the Canadian and American auto markets.

Insider Insights: Tracing the Evolution of the Auto Industry with Charlie Vogelheim!

Step into the driver’s seat and journey through the milestones of the auto industry with our special guest, Charlie Vogelheim. From the game-changing moves by General Motors to glimpses of a Star Trek-inspired future, we rev up discussions on tech innovation, auto trade nuances, and the dynamic world of inventory management.

Alex Vetter, CEO of, on Future Tech & Market Dynamics | Exclusive Interview!
Join us as we dive deep with Alex Vetter, the driving force behind From the challenges faced by the TV industry to the evolving nature of car sales in the digital era, Vetter offers invaluable insights. Discover the role of AI in reshaping the auto industry, the power of retail demand data, and what the future might hold. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation!
J.D. Power & Palantir’s Game-Changing Partnership: Future of Auto Data Mining.
In this episode of the AUTOVATE podcast, delve into the significant partnership between J.D. Power and Palantir, two giants known for their data expertise. Uncover insights on how this collaboration could redefine the future of automotive data utilization, from repair analytics to intelligent alerts, and the profound impact it might have on consumers. Plus, a quick dive into AutoNation’s micro-leasing and UAW’s stance on recent manufacturer negotiations. Don’t miss out!
Exclusive interview with Reynolds & Reynolds President, Chris Walsh.
As the automotive industry hurtles into a new era of innovation and transformation, join the conversation between Reynolds & Reynolds’ President, Chris Walsh, and esteemed AUTOVATE founder, Cliff Banks. Tune in for topics ranging from EVs redefining the game, understanding the value of consumer data, and Reynolds & Reynolds’ strategic acquisitions. The Reynolds & Reynolds vision is clear: utilizing technology, investing in EV evolution, and placing the customer at the heart of every innovation.

Carvana’s Rollercoaster Ride: The Future of EV Sales & Automotive Restructuring Revealed!

In this episode of the AUTOVATE Podcast, we dive into the rollercoaster journey of Carvana, their recent restructuring deal, and what it means for the company’s future. Join us as we discuss the ups and downs of EV sales and the fascinating microdata of the automotive market, and get exclusive insights from our resident expert, Cliff Banks, of the Banks Report and the AUTOVATE conference/podcast. Don’t miss this in-depth analysis of the automotive industry’s hottest topics!

Breaking Down the Auto Industry: UAW Talks, EV Sales & New Acquisitions.

In this episode of the AUTOVATE Podcast,’ we delve deep into the pulse of the automotive industry. We analyze the ongoing contract talks between the UAW and automakers – is a strike just around the corner? We offer our expert insights into the potential implications and outcomes.

Next, we turn our attention to the surge of Electric Vehicles (EVs) piling up on dealers’ lots. With up to a 90-day supply reported, we explore whether this indicates a slowdown in EV sales, and what it could mean for the industry’s future.

Unlocking Automotive Frontiers: Data Ownership, AI Revolution, and Record-Breaking Bids

In this captivating second episode of our podcast, we dive into the ever-changing world of the automotive industry. We tackle the crucial question of data ownership and privacy rights, exploring whether you truly have control over your car’s data. Join us as we unravel the complexities and discuss the implications for both consumers and manufacturers.

Auto Giants Transform: Lithia Acquisition, GM-Tesla Alliance, and DAS Tech Nests w/ 3 Birds!

This episode takes a deep dive into Lithia Motors’ game-changing acquisition of Priority Motor Group – a deal that could reshape the automotive landscape. In an unexpected twist of alliances, we’ll also be exploring General Motors’ electrifying decision to use Tesla’s charging network for their EV fleet.