Andrew Carrington

Chief of Innovation, Technology & Applications

For over seven (7) years, Mr. Carrington has served as the Chief of Innovation, Technology & Applications (CITA) of Pohanka Automotive Group, one of the nation’s oldest and most successful franchise dealer organizations. As CITA, Mr. Carrington has spearheaded several strategic initiatives including: digital payment/fintech solutions and merchant processing workflow improvement; customer retention/data analytics, interactive training with electronic learning management system for enterprise-wide content deployment; PCI compliance and information security oversight; fleet/asset and loaner management optimization and reporting (auto-payment collection), expanded DMS integration for a variety of software applications targeted at fixed operations workflow optimization.

Over the past four years – developments in payment, accounting and merchant processing systems have saved more than $5+M in direct earnings for the dealer group and nearly the same amount in indirect labor and fixed cost expenses. In 2021 and 2022, loaner fleet expenses alone realized over $1M in savings per annum. Driving efficiencies and innovation while improving the customer experience has been a hallmark of Mr. Carrington’s tenure at Pohanka